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Educational Facilities

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Education and Training organisations generally place functionality and maintainability over design and artistic merit when it comes to their building assets. But, given the rough and tumble treatment educational facilities are often subject to, it’s arguably more important to keep the internal and external painted surfaces well maintained than it is in other industry sectors in order to maximise asset life and minimise your total cost of ownership.

This is particularly true in Far North Queensland where temperatures, high levels of UV light, metres of water and extremely high humidity are constantly attacking your building structures.

Many Educational Facilities are of an age where Lead in the existing paint is still an issue.In many cases the old Lead Based Paint has been coated over using more modern paints. Lead Paints paints on these buildings are of an age where they are pealing from the substrate and revealing themselves, becoming a danger to anyone who is around these buildings. Elcat has recently undertaken Lead Abatement Activities at a lead Cairns State State School. For a peak at the processes used ple click on the picture below to be taken to our Gallery

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Lead Abatement
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